Asset Analysis

SGI supports investors in their due diligence process by providing a financial analysis of the assets thereby identifying any potential exposure and mitigation during its life-cycle. The current aircraft status, market and maintenance records are important factors in this consideration. Using our in-depth knowledge, network, and databases of operational cost and reliability, we can provide a full maintenance risk analysis of the investment.

Aircraft and engine selection

With our extensive network in the aviation sector, we can help you select aircraft and engines to meet your investment needs and required returns. Our experts will present an objective overview of your options, listing the advantages and disadvantages of each one, and advise on the projected cost and maintenance risk.

Aircraft Valuation

Valuations & appraisals

An accurate valuation of the assets is key to any successful investment. Our proprietary forecasting model and calculations enable us to determine an exact adjustment of the current market value of the asset, based on its current maintenance status. You will gain insight into the real market value of your assets.

Transaction exposure and risk analysis

Sound management calls for insight into the value of your fleet, exposures and related costs, for full awareness of the risk involved in a transaction. Our experts can provide this insight and make the maintenance, exposures and transaction costs of aircraft, engines, landing gear and APU transparent.

Asset Management

From small helicopters to big commercial aircraft or corporate jets, SGI has the right inspection solutions for your needs.

Delivery & redelivery management

Our meticulous project management ensures seamless and efficient delivery, redelivery, sale or purchase of aircraft. We perform physical and records inspections, engine runs, test flights, and process and budget management.

New aircraft delivery

Ascertaining the smooth delivery of new aircraft from the manufacturer requires a lot of specialist knowledge and experience. We will assist you in selecting the right options for your target clients, as well as source and manage the required supplies at a favorable cost.

Lease management and end-of-life optimizations

Our experts can unburden you by assuming full responsibility for a lease contract. We offer a complete solution that includes administration and invoicing, inspection, maintenance, and claim handling.

In addition, SGI can draw up the best life-planning scenario for your aircraft or fleet to optimize asset yields. Thanks to our long experience with asset management and redeliveries, SGI has the data and expertise to support lessors during end-of-lease and buyout negotiations.

Cargo conversion and heavy maintenance support

SGI is perfectly equipped to offer management of full-service cargo conversions and heavy maintenance.

Using efficient project management and ensuring timely availability of the right materials, we can minimize ground time. SGI has a proven track record of delivering cargo conversions on time and within budget.

Contract Negotiations

Lease agreements

SGI has been working with large and small lessors for years, defining lease agreements with airlines worldwide for corporate aircraft and all major commercial aircraft models.

We combine our legal, business, technical and aviation authority expertise to draft lease contracts, advise on favorable terms and rates for maintenance reserves, and offer negotiation support, to ensure the best possible return and maintain the asset value of your investment. We advise both lessors and lessees.

Purchase agreements

We also provide consultancy for purchase agreements. When drafting the contract, advising on the conditions and assisting you in the negotiations, we’ll minimize risk and secure the right deal for you.

Aircraft Inspections

Pre – purchase inspections

Before you purchase an aircraft, or even a portfolio of aircraft, SGI will assess the exposures and determine the condition and value of the assets.

Our experts will examine aircraft records, documents and other relevant data, and conduct a thorough physical inspection of the aircraft. We then recommend an approach to minimize risk and maximize return. SGI has the capability, man power and experience to manage the purchase of a complete portfolio of aircraft.

Pre – (re)delivery inspections

Prior to expiration of a lease contract, SGI conducts a thorough review of the aircraft’s records and data and thoroughly inspects the hardware, comparing it with the lease redelivery conditions. SGI then lays the foundation for the whole redelivery process: We report the findings of our inspection to all stakeholders and suggest a course of action to secure an efficient, safe and cost effective redelivery.

Aircraft Remarketing

Remarketing projects include re-leasing and selling aircraft at any point in their life-cycle. SGI offers this service for managed assets to owners, banks, investors, airlines and lessors. Our carefully selected teams can take care of the full process, from preparing requests for proposals and aircraft selection to the delivery of your asset.

Expert Witness Support

SGI possesses a unique blend of technical knowledge combined with legal experience, which can be deployed to provide an independent view about claims and legal issues. Providing expert witness and advisor services is not just a case of selling a consultancy service, but also SGI’s detailed industry knowledge, credibility and outstanding team integrity. To that end, SGI’s reputation for expert witness and advisor services has been built on extensive experience, consistent quality and an unparalleled resource pool. In addition to specialist subject-matter expertise, we’ve gained experience with various legal jurisdictions and proceedings, as well as the method of approach of law firms or a direct client, all of which allow for a cost-efficient and seamless service.

Aside from mediation, our experts can provide testimony at deposition or trial. Areas of expertise include: aircraft & engines (re)delivery condition disputes, detailed technical assessments of aircraft & engines conditions, maintenance (reserves) claim related disputes, detailed reviews of engine shop visits or airframe major checks.

SGI maintains close links to the aviation law community to ensure that we are always current and knowledgeable about the latest industry events and disputes.


Repossessing an aircraft is a complex and delicate exercise, mostly considered as a last resort. SGI’s team of experts will help you navigate the negotiations and practical difficulties of the situation. Having worked alongside lessees as well as lessors across the globe, we understand the situation from all perspectives and can offer constructive solutions.

We will advise on the procedure and manage the repossession of the aircraft and all related documentation in a structured way, doing what is necessary to maintain maximum asset value for the future.

Our experts can handle all issues that might come up in the repossession process, including possible temporary registration.