Asset Analysis

We support investors in their due diligence by providing a financial analysis of the assets. We have extensive experience with high bypass turbofan engines and turboprops. The current engine status and maintenance records are important factors. Using our in-depth knowledge and databases of operational cost and reliability, we can also provide a full maintenance risk analysis of the investment.

Engine selection

With our extensive network in the aviation sector, we can help you select the right engines for your investment. Our experts will present an objective overview of your options, listing the advantages and disadvantages of each one, and advise on the projected maintenance costs.

Aircraft Valuation

Valuations & appraisals

To gain insight into the real market value of your assets, an accurate valuation of the assets by an expert is key. SGI’s proprietary methodology enables us to determine an exact adjustment of the current market value of the engine, based on its current maintenance status.

Our experts can also provide half life calculations for your engine to offer a transparent overview of the value and projected maintenance costs.

Engine management

SGI takes a pro-active approach to the optimization of the engine value over time. Using an engine management tool, we provide a quick and efficient analysis of the maintenance planning options. Planning timely, high quality maintenance will ensure that your assets meet regulatory and safety requirements while minimizing cost and risk in the long term.

Contract Negotiations

Lease agreements

SGI has assisted single engine investors and aircraft investors on specific engine queries during preparation and negotiations of lease agreements. We combine our legal, business and technical expertise to draft lease contracts, establish favorable terms and rates for maintenance reserves, and offer negotiation support, to ensure the best possible return and minimize investment risk.

Purchase agreements

SGI has in-depth technical knowledge of engine model specific issues which need to be addressed at the time of purchase. When drafting the contract, advising on the conditions and assisting you in the negotiations, we’ll focus on minimizing risk to secure the right deal for you. Knowing the reliability of the engine, we can assist in obtaining the proper warranties, guarantees and after sale support.

Engine inspections


SGI’s skilled engine inspectors will examine engine records and all relevant data, and conduct a thorough physical inspection of the engine. Based on the asset maintenance condition and our knowledge of the specific engine model issues, we will recommend ways to minimize risk and maximize return.

Annual / midterm audits

To secure full adherence with the lease contract, we schedule annual and interim inspections of big bypass fan or small turboprop engines and data. Our inspectors and the engines they work on are located all over the globe. SGI’s uniform approach will guarantee consistent quality in the inspection summary, recommendations and report.

End of lease inspections

At the end of a lease the engine needs to be handed over to a new lessee. SGI supports a smooth transition, provides audits, borescope inspections and valuations, and verifies compliance with agreements in line with budgets and timelines.

Shop visit management

SGI takes a pro-active approach to engine service and repair management. Our shop visit management experts have assisted a large number of customers, repairing most types of commercial engines and turboprop in all engine shops worldwide. The SGI engine team knows the ins and outs of these engines and can provide the right insight on workscoping, DER, PMA and overall engine performance. We provide a comprehensive service, from reviewing the workscope and attending dirty table inspections to reviewing invoices and filing maintenance claims.

By performing the correct level of maintenance, negotiating the maintenance agreement and keeping pressure on the engine shop, SGI can achieve overall cost savings of up to 10%.

Engine storage

Engines are complex and expensive assets. They must be handled with care, even when they are idle. To this end SGI supports the transport, logistics and secure warehousing of your engine.