Temporary Aircraft Registration

While your aircraft is temporarily off-lease, SGI can facilitate the appropriate registration and certifications, including CofA and CofR. We work with all the leading registries and have extensive cross-border regulatory experience.

SGI can advise on the best aircraft registry for your needs. We work closely with the FAA, EASA member states, and the independent offshore registry 2_REG (www.2-reg.com).

Company Audits

Beyond assuring safety and compliance, company audits offer an opportunity to assess quality, asset value and financial risk. Our experts will carry out a detailed risk evaluation of technical and safety compliance by assessing the current safety standards and compliance with applicable regulations, both local and international. We’ll also evaluate internal safety oversight and quality assurance mechanisms, review recent occurrence and incident reports, and interview stakeholders to assess the safety culture and awareness within the company.

Training Courses

SGI Aviation provides specific training courses.

Minimum Equipment List (MEL) – understanding the full scope

Is available on request