Mr. Francesco Baccarani Key speaker at the Engine Leasing Seminar


Mr. Francesco Baccarani, Program Manager – Engines and team leader of the Engine-group at SGI Aviation, will be a key speaker at the ‘Engine Leasing Seminar’ held in London on the 12th of September.

Mr. Baccarani will be sharing his insights on the subject of ‘Maintenance cost analysis’ in extent of SGI Aviation’s offered high value added services like ‘cash flow-analysis and -management’ for its customers.


‘Optimized cost of ownership trough the lifecycle of an engine is strongly dependant on continuous disciplined evaluation and managing of the engine maintenance cost.

Maintaining focus on engine maintenance cost expenditure is a specialism preventing the surprise of high unexpected cost. Mr. Baccarani states; ‘I look forward sharing my insights and invite any attendee with relevance to this subject to attend and discuss on this subject.’


Mr. Baccarani is invited by the organizer Everest events for his thorough knowledge and insights related to engine cost management and will be speaking on September 12th at 15.25

The event’s location is Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London.

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