Aircraft inspections

Inspections will identify exposures from a commercial, financial as well as an operational perspective. Assessing these exposures at key points in an aircraft’s life-cycle will help you mitigate them. After an inspection, SGI can support the optimization of your long-term planning and other operational aspects to minimize cost and maximize returns.We then forward a recommendation that minimizes risk and maximizes return.

Initial diagnostics

Before embarking on an aircraft purchase, or prior to the start or end of a lease term, it is important to have a complete overview of exposures.

SGI experts will examine the aircraft records, documents and other relevant data, and conduct a thorough inspection of the aircraft’s physical condition. Based on our findings, we will provide a full exposure assessment and recommend solutions, which can be included in the agreement or contract negotiations.

If desired, SGI can manage the entire (re)delivery process, reporting the inspection findings to all stakeholders and securing an efficient, safe and cost effective (re)delivery.

Valuations & appraisals

Using SGI’s extensive knowledge, databases, proprietary calculations and experience of maintenance cost, our experts are able to determine the adjusted market value of your assets. Our clients range from corporate helicopter or single aircraft owners all the way to large commercial airlines, and so does our expertise.

Fleet Management

Delivery & redelivery management

The delivery or redelivery of an aircraft is a complex process. For a smooth transition, all aspects must be planned well in advance and efficiently controlled. SGI has a track record of successfully managing (re)deliveries for a wide range of aircraft types. We offer a comprehensive service which includes all technical aspects such as record inspections, management of the maintenance check, as well as full project management and budget control.

Fleet optimizations

Deliberate planning and management will minimize unexpected cost and optimize the sales process of your fleet. SGI will assess the condition of your assets and create a long-term plan with the right disposal strategies to maintain the highest possible value for your fleet, while ensuring safety compliance at all times.

Negotiation Support

Purchase and lease agreements

SGI offers consultancy and support for contract negotiations. We have negotiated purchase and lease agreements for large and small lessors and airlines worldwide. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of operational conditions and the full leasing life-cycle, as well as the needs of both aircraft owners and aircraft operators. This combined expertise helps us secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Maintenance contracts

Reliable and efficient maintenance starts with the effective negotiation of maintenance contracts. Our technical and financial experts have a wealth of experience with aircraft maintenance contracts and planning. Through our supplier network, we can secure parts and labor at a favorable rate. We will document your options and give you full insight into the exposure and trajectory of your aircraft and engine maintenance events, and their estimated cost.

Project management

Heavy maintenance management

Maintenance is a critical part of minimizing costs and ensuring operational ability, as well as conserving asset value. SGI possesses all the competencies necessary to manage your heavy maintenance needs: Project management, technical know-how, cost awareness and experience. We use our in-depth knowledge of international aviation regulations to ensure that the maintenance performed on your aircraft or engine meets all relevant requirements.

Cargo conversion management

SGI adopts a comprehensive approach to cargo conversion management. As experienced asset managers we understand how factors such as paperwork and repairs affect aircraft value. Using our expertise and network of suppliers we deliver fast and reliable results, source materials at a favorable rate, and control all documentation for any required C or D-checks. This approach allows us to deliver on time and within budget. SGI has worked extensively on some of the larger PtoF conversion sites.

Aircraft Remarketing

Remarketing projects include re-leasing and selling aircraft at any point within their life-cycle. SGI assist owners and airlines in maximizing their return on investment. But the service doesn’t stop there. Our carefully selected teams can take care of the full process, from preparing requests for proposals and aircraft selection to the delivery of your asset.


Expert witness support

SGI possesses technical and legal know-how and expertise that can be deployed to mitigate claims and legal issues. Aside from mediation, our experts can provide testimony to substantiate your argument. If needed, we can perform aircraft inspections and value diminution assessments to provide evidence. Areas of expertise include maintenance issues, corrosion, industry procedures, quality systems, operational factors, engines and fleet planning. We maintain close links to the aviation law community and can also advise on (re)delivery condition disputes and contract guarantees.

Airline consulting

In partnership with our parent company Seabury, SGI provides various airline consultancy services including strategic planning, human capital, MRO and revenue improvement.
Seabury is a global advisory and investment banking firm with offices in 14 countries on five continents. You can read more about Seabury on