Engine Fleet Management

Engine fleet management

Engine fleet management requires meticulous planning to minimize operational costs while meeting lease obligations and legal requirements. For the long term, it is important to consider redelivery conditions as well. SGI will evaluate the status of your engines and create a maintenance program so you know what to expect in terms of costs and timing. To secure flawless execution, we will be closely involved in the engine maintenance too.

Engine inspections

Our technical experts routinely perform inspections at all key points in the engine life-cycle. Pre-purchase inspections, annual or midterm audits, and end-of-lease inspections are important means to test contractual and safety compliance and assess the continued effectiveness of the maintenance plan.
We will examine records, engine documents, all relevant data and conduct a thorough inspection of the engine. We will also perform valuations and audits at relevant points. We summarize and present our findings in detailed reports, to help you decide on the best course of action.

Shop visit management

SGI has managed a great number of engine repairs in engine shops worldwide. We have experience with all commercial turbofan and turboprop engines. We start by assisting airlines with the preparation of the workscope, tailoring it to the technical status of the engine as well as the lease requirements. Next, through meticulous and continuous management of the shop, SGI makes sure that the repair cost is kept to a minimum, that the right parts are fitted and that the engine will meet all lease requirements, so our client can focus on his core business.

Negotiation Support

Maintenance contracts

Engine maintenance is one of the largest cost components of aircraft maintenance. SGI can lead complex contract negotiations between the MRO and the airline to obtain the best rates.
With our highly detailed engine database and extensive experience of both the lessor and airline perspective we’ll make sure to include all the appropriate conditions for your engines. We also offer software and services that secure high quality and cost effective maintenance of different engine models.
Our network of shops and suppliers offers a number of contract types, including long-term ‘power by the hour’ contracts as well as one-off maintenance contracts.

Purchase and lease agreements

Adequate management of purchase and lease contracts is key to managing the profitability of your enterprise. SGI knows the market and can negotiate the best contract to minimize cost and ensure operational reliability and safety. Our experts will take everything into account, from delivery to removals, to achieve a clear projectability of cost and risk.