Docularity is a technical publication system which allows an operator or maintenance organization to efficiently distribute technical data and maintenance information, and optimize its maintenance program. Features include intuitive navigation, a powerful search function, easy editing, integrated workflows, and multimedia content streaming.

Docularity provides a quicker and more efficient way of regulatory compliance, and can save costs. It offers central, integrated document management in a web based environment, allowing for full collaboration and management of the entire technical publication cycle while also accommodating other technical data.

Almost all file formats are supported. Docularity contains a complete set of tools for the creation, management and delivery of both structured and unstructured documents.
Convenient and secure, you can access and edit your data from any company workstation using a standard web browser and internet connection.
Read more about Docularity’s unique features here

Records Management

SGI has developed specialist proprietary software systems to provide efficient digital records management, which facilitates easy aircraft transfer, mitigation of exposures and audit preparation, all in one accessible location.

Docularity archive

Our scanning software allows you to manage all of an aircraft’s records in one place. You can scan all existing physical records and store them in digital form for convenient viewing. Advanced indexing and a powerful search function make it easy to find and access the exact record you need.

Records scanning service

Digitizing aircraft records requires a meticulous and systematic approach. Our experienced records specialists will select, prepare and sort your records before scanning them. The scanned records can then be put on our server, where they are accessible at your convenience.

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