Blacklisting support

Airlines operating in Europe are subject to strict regulations and oversight, such as Ramp Inspections (RI). If inspection findings are negative, the airline will face increased scrutiny and can eventually be put on the EU Safety List (‘blacklist’). SGI supports airlines by finding solutions for the issues that put them at risk. In addition, we can manage communication with relevant stakeholders (e.g. EU, States of Inspection, EASA).

SMS Implementation

An effective SMS (Safety Management System) can be difficult implement, because the successful application of these now mandated systems requires a company-wide change of mindset, safety culture and awareness.

SGI can support the development, implementation and maintenance of your SMS. Our experienced team will take into account all four components of a good SMS: safety policy and objectives, safety assurance, safety risk management and safety promotion, establishing a culture of safety awareness and accountability.

Approval and certification assistance

Obtaining regulatory approval can be a daunting task. It demands thorough understanding of rules, regulations, legislation and their implications. SGI’s experts are familiar with the relevant topics, structures, manuals and procedures. We can help you obtain all types of certifications, such as Part 145 (maintenance approval), Air Operator’s Certificates, and Approved Training Operation certification.

Company audits

Company audits are an important tool to assess safety and compliance, but also offer an opportunity to evaluate quality, asset value and financial risk. SGI will make an assessment of your company’s current safety standards and compliance with applicable regulations, both local and international. We’ll also review recent occurrence and incident reports, evaluate internal safety oversight and quality assurance mechanisms, and assess the safety culture within the company.

Training courses

SGI Aviation provides training courses in four main expertise domains: Foreign Operator Safety programs (e.g. SAFA), Safety Management Systems, Development of specific Skills (e.g. auditing) and Aviation Safety Regulations.

Introduction to Safety Management System

Is available on request.

Safety Management System (add-on)

Is available on request.

Minimum Equipment List (MEL) – understanding the full scope

Is available on request.

EASA’s growing impact on lessors

Is available on request.

Introduction to EU Air Operations

Is available on request.