Paolo Lironi
Chief Executive Officer Of SGI Aviation
Paolo Lironi is SGI’s CEO. He joined SGI in 2008, with more than 10 years of experience in commercial aviation. Mr. Lironi has a strong track record in aircraft leasing, Read More
Joost Groenenboom
Executive Director – Airlines
Joost Groenenboom joined SGI Aviation in 2007. As an Executive Director he is responsible for all major technical aviation programmes within SGI and advises airline customers on the various technical Read More
Martin Geurts
Executive Director – Finance, HRM & IT
Martin joined SGI in 2014 as Finance Director. Before joining SGI, he held several financial management positions in a number of international companies such as UUNet/MCI Worldcom (Internet/Telco), Microsoft (ERP-software/IT), Read More

Antwan Langes
Asset Manager
Antwan Langes joined SGI at foundation as a Program Manager. During his 14 year long career, he gained experience in the commercial aviation leasing industry, where he is constantly using Read More
Fons Schaefers
Program Manager, Senior Consultant
Fons Schaefers joined SGI in early 2010, as head of aviation safety regulations training and as a consultant in regulations. With over 34 years of aviation regulatory experience, and having Read More
Francesco Baccarani
Program Manager, Engine Team Leader
Francesco Baccarani joined SGI in 2008 as a Technical Manager and was promoted to Head of the SGI Engine Team in 2016. Francesco leads a team of 10 powerplant engineers, Read More
Frank Ditmarsch
Program Manager
Frank Ditmarsch joined SGI in January 2013 as a Program Manager. Having over 20 years of aviation experience, of which 15 years in the field of aircraft leasing, he brings Read More
Quirina van Huis
Program Manager
Quirina van Huis is the newest member to the Technical Services team of SGI. She started on the 5th of September 2016 as Program Manager. In 2006 Quirina graduated from Read More
Remko Bruinsma
Asset Manager
Remko Bruinsma joined SGI at foundation, initially as Service Manager. Remko now holds the position of Asset Manager within the Asset & Lease Management Team. Prior to SGI, Remko worked Read More
Rene Oostveen
Operations Manager
René Oostveen joined SGI in April 2009 as a Technical Manager. René was promoted to Program Manager in 2012 and became Operations Manager for the SGI Technical Services Team in Read More
Rogier van der Velde
Program Manager
Rogier van der Velde joined SGI at foundation and has 11 years of experience in the industry. Rogier has held various roles within SGI Aviation Services, prior to his current Read More