Antwan Langes

VP Technical

Antwan Langes joined SGI at foundation as a Program Manager. During his 17 year long career, he gained experience in the commercial aviation leasing industry, where he is constantly using his in depth technical knowledge for the benefit of SGI’s customers.

In 2000 Antwan joined Schreiner Airways Cargo as planner, where he was responsible or the inspections carried out on the A300B4 cargo aircraft, subsequently Antwan joined the regional airline KLM Exel in the Netherlands in 2001 as an Engineering manager, where he was responsible for planning and Engineering on the ATR 42/72 and EMB-145 fleet.

In 2005 Antwan joined International Aircraft Management B.V. (IAM), which became SGI in 2007. In the Program Manager role, he managed several projects, including complex pre-purchase inspections, re- and deliveries, cargo conversions, etc. Antwan worked on several aircraft types: Boeing 777, B767, B757, B747, B737, Airbus A340/A330, A320, ATR42/72 and Embraer 145 series.