Program Manager, Senior Consultant

Fons Schaefers joined SGI in early 2010, as head of aviation safety regulations training and as a consultant in regulations. With over 34 years of aviation regulatory experience, and having held several aircraft certification and research and development positions within Fokker, Fons has unparalleled experience and knowledge in the regulatory field.

In 1996, Fons joined the Dutch airline Martinair Holland, where he became the Quality Manager for all Martinair’s safety certificates, including the most important of all, the Air Operator Certificate. He developed Martinair’s Safety Management System.

Following SGI’s selection by the government of Guernsey as the service provider for the Guernsey Aircraft Registry, he developed its policies, protocols and procedures. Since the launch in December 2013, Fons has been the Registry Manager for the Guernsey Aircraft Registry which is marketed as the 2-REG (the nationality mark for Guernsey being the number 2). More information about the registry is available on

Fons’ most recent work has been focused on the development of the capability of the Guernsey Aircraft Register to issue Air Operator Certificates, which was granted in May 2016.