Quirina van Huis

Technical Manager

Quirina van Huis is the newest member to the Technical Services team of SGI. She started on the 5th of September 2016 as Program Manager.

In 2006 Quirina graduated from the Aviation Management bachelors degree at the ‘Hogeschool van Amsterdam’ after successfully completing a graduation assignment for Stella Aviation Technics, a PART 145 company, performing all line maintenance on the fleet of ArkeFly, which consisted of four Boeing 767’s. In a subsequent position as Maintenance Controller, Quirina was able to gain experience in the unpredictable world of aircraft (line) maintenance whilst preparing for a sabbatical year, travelling South America.

Upon returning to the Netherlands in October 2007, Quirina started working for the Technical Department of ArkeFly and after several positions within this department, was made responsible for outsourcing line and base maintenance, maintenance planning and the management of technical records, leading a department of seven team members. The fleet of ArkeFly, who had changed its name to Arke and later to TUIFly Netherlands, had then grown to three Boeing 737’s, one Boeing 767 and three Boeing 787’s.

With almost nine years of airline experience, Quirina has excellent experience in aircraft Boeing products, including in the field experience on the B787, which is going to be particularly useful to SGI customers.