SGI Aviation is proud to announce that Jasper van den Boogaard has obtained the qualification of ISTAT Certified Appraiser. With this qualification on board, the company solidifies its position as leading all-round service provider to the aviation industry.

Paolo Lironi, CEO of SGI: “This is a very important achievement for Jasper personally as well as for SGI. To date, there are only 59 ISTAT Certified Appraisers in the world. Our affiliation to ISTAT through Jasper’s exclusive qualification reaffirms our commitment to delivering only the highest quality of service. It also serves to highlight our well-rounded expertise.”

Jasper van den Boogaard: “The value of this qualification is really maximized within the context of SGI, where we have lots of technical expertise. This combination of airframe, engine and lease-contractual expertise allows us to offer one of the most comprehensive acquisition cash flow analyses and lease-encumbered value appraisals. This type of appraisal outlines all of the lease-contractual and technical cash flows for a forecasted period, as well as listing end-of-lease and part-out considerations, providing the client with a complete and transparent overview of the value of each aircraft. This service is already quite popular with our clients – in 2016 we provided over 300 acquisition cash flow forecasts.”


For more information, please contact:

Jasper van den Boogaard

Mobile: +31 6 5073 6 007




The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) is a non-profit organization which develops international standards to govern practices and procedures in the commercial aviation industry. With over 4,100 members worldwide, it is the premier industry association providing forums to facilitate networking and professional development within the aviation community.


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SGI Aviation is an independent advisor to the aviation industry, providing technical consulting and advisory services in the areas of aircraft and engine asset management and safety regulations. Its service offering covers the entire lifecycle of an aviation asset, as well as related regulatory, operational and IT needs.