Wadick Chomyszyn Aerospace Scholarship

Monday, December 4th, 2017

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams”


SGI Aviation and the Aviation Academy are excited to launch the second student competition for the Wadick Chomyszyn Aerospace Award.

Like last year, the Academy is setting out a search for a student with a unique personal development path to achieve their dreams.

Three finalists will have the chance to present their unique ideas to a jury at the final event.

The winner will be awarded an expense reimbursement of up to €10.000,- !


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Mr. Francesco Baccarani Key speaker at the Engine Leasing Seminar

Thursday, August 24th, 2017


Mr. Francesco Baccarani, Program Manager – Engines and team leader of the Engine-group at SGI Aviation, will be a key speaker at the ‘Engine Leasing Seminar’ held in London on the 12th of September.

Mr. Baccarani will be sharing his insights on the subject of ‘Maintenance cost analysis’ in extent of SGI Aviation’s offered high value added services like ‘cash flow-analysis and -management’ for its customers.


‘Optimized cost of ownership trough the lifecycle of an engine is strongly dependant on continuous disciplined evaluation and managing of the engine maintenance cost.

Maintaining focus on engine maintenance cost expenditure is a specialism preventing the surprise of high unexpected cost. Mr. Baccarani states; ‘I look forward sharing my insights and invite any attendee with relevance to this subject to attend and discuss on this subject.’


Mr. Baccarani is invited by the organizer Everest events for his thorough knowledge and insights related to engine cost management and will be speaking on September 12th at 15.25

The event’s location is Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London.

Please click on the following link to enrol: https://www.everestevents.co.uk/event/engine-leasing-seminar-2017/

Mr. Paolo Lironi Speaker at The 3rd Annual Aircraft Remarketing and trading Management forum

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Paolo Lironi sgi aviation

Mr. Paolo Lironi, Chief Executive Officer at SGI Aviation, will be a key speaker at ‘The 3rd Annual Aircraft Remarketing and trading Management forum’ held in Beijing on the 6 to 8th of September.

Mr. Lironi will be sharing his insights on the subject of ‘Maintenance event and cost management during engine lease return and redelivery’. He will do so in extent of SGI Aviation’s high value added services like ‘cash flow-analysis and -management’ for its customers.

‘Utilizing expert knowledge on this subject can be extremely beneficial, a relatively small investment, preventing the surprise of high unexpected cost and often resulting in significant savings at an engine lease return and redelivery’ Mr. Lironi states; ‘I look forward sharing my insights and invite any attendee with relevance to this subject to attend and discuss on this subject’

Mr. Lironi, invited by the organizer Oppland for his thorough knowledge and insights related engine lease return and redelivery cost management will be speaking on September 8th at 09.30.

The event’s location is Beijing’s ‘Marriott Hotel Northeast’.

Please click on the following link to enrol:


SGI Expands its Singapore Office

Friday, July 7th, 2017

Asia Square Tower 3

Supporting its growth ambitions in the Asia-Pacific region, SGI-Singapore (branch) has moved (in)to a new office per July 1st.

The modern new office provides more room at a premium location to work and receive its customers.

SGI’s efforts are focussed on continious improvent and expanding its (worldwide) Singapore operations, including increasing its aircraft portfolio under management.

You are happily invited to visit us to discuss aircraft management, aircraft & engine inspections and aircraft registration (www.2-reg.com).

The office is located at:


12 Marina View

#23-01, Suite 60

Asia Square Tower 2

Singapore 018961


T.: +65 6317 8756


SGI Aviation Expands Sales and Marketing Team

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Chris Water Joins the Company to Further Strengthen Its Marketing Efforts and Grow Its Managed Aircraft Portfolio 

Chris Water_cut out_presentation photo_small

SGI Aviation Services B.V. (“SGI Aviation”), an independent advisor to the aviation industry, providing technical consulting and advisory services in the areas of aircraft and engine asset management, announced the addition of Chris Water to its Sales and Marketing Team. Mr. Water joins SGI to strengthen the company’s marketing efforts, to investigate involvement in new markets, while connecting SGI’s tailored services to SGI’s current customer base and beyond. SGI Aviation currently manages more than 60 aircraft for five different customers with the commitment to further expanding it.

“We are thrilled to have Chris joining the team,” said SGI Aviation Chief Executive Officer Paolo Lironi. “We are confident that Chris will help bringing SGI to the next level and will be a major contributor to SGI’s expansion of our customer footprint. SGI will benefit from Chris experience and skills by having a fresh look at the services offered and by tackling new market segments, too.”

With more than 25 years of experience in aviation, Mr. Water held a number of roles in the technical and commercial fields. Most recently he worked in a commercial role at the U.S.-based Distributor Global Aviation, where he managed the European market as Director of Sales for forty-three countries. Prior to that, Mr. Water spent 20 years at KLM E&M, where he served as Ground Engineer-Testrunner (747/767/MD11 &737), Project Supervisor and Customer Support Manager, being involved in all aspects of aircraft maintenance, concluding his KLM-career as Head of the Supply Chain Management. Mr. Water started his aviation career at Fokker Aircraft as a mechanic in 1990.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to contribute my experience and knowledge of the aviation market to further drive the growth of SGI Aviation,” said SGI Aviation Sales and Marketing Manager Chris Water. “As we continue to grow our portfolio, we will ensure our commitment to delivering only the highest quality of service to our growing global customer base.”



SGI Aviation Services B.V. (“SGI Aviation”) is an independent advisor to the aviation industry, providing technical consulting and advisory services in the areas of aircraft and engine asset management and safety regulations. Its service offering covers the entire lifecycle of an aviation asset, as well as related regulatory, operational and IT needs. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, SGI aviation has offices in New York, Guernsey, and Singapore. SGI Aviation is a Seabury Capital company. www.sgiaviation.com


Chris can be contacted at the following numbers and email address:

Office: +31 20 880 4246

Mobile NL +31 (0)6 5073 6007

Mobile UK +44 (0)74 0885 8773

Mobile US +1 (0)703 650 9259

Email: cwater@sgiaviation.com

SGI’s Reynoud Simonis appointed COO

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

SGI Aviation is pleased to announce that Reynoud Simonis has been appointed Chief Operating Officer as of January 1st, 2017. Mr Simonis will oversee SGI Operations, which includes the SGI Asset & Lease Management and SGI Technical Services teams. He will be based in SGI’s Amsterdam head office.


Paolo Lironi, SGI’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We are very proud to have Reynoud join our team and support our focus in expanding the existing 60-aircraft-strong managed fleet. With the addition of Reynoud and our recent achievement of ISTAT appraisal certification, I have great confidence in our team’s ability and commitment to serving our global customers. Reynoud’s experience in managing assets will be of great benefit to our existing customers and will no doubt attract even more interest from other potential customers.  His skills and knowledge will advance our strategy and growth as we build SGI’s reputation as an independent lease manager”.

Mr. Simonis had previously served as an Executive Advisor to SGI Aviation since February 2010, with responsibility for strategy, asset management and business development. He also served as interim CEO for SGI Aviation during the summer of 2010. During 2013 and 2014, Mr. Simonis was retained by International Lease Finance Company (ILFC) as an Executive Advisor to the CIO and ILFC’s Portfolio Management team, and who amongst others supported ILFC in the development of a strategy for the company’s older aircraft portfolio.

Additionally, Mr. Simonis was the Chief Technical Officer of AerCap Holdings NV, having final responsibility for all techno-commercial aspects associated with AerCap’s owned and managed fleet and its (portfolio) acquisitions, sales and forward orders. In addition to managing a portfolio of approximately 400 aircraft and engines, he fulfilled a key role in the acquisition by AerCap of Aeroturbine, Inc. as well as the company’s A320 freighter project. Mr. Simonis holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.


SGI Milestone Achievements

As of the beginning of 2017, 60 aircraft and 12 engines are currently under management by the SGI Asset & Lease Management team, headed by Remko Bruinsma. Our portfolio has more than doubled during the course of 2016 and this trend is expected to continue, as all of our current customers are expanding their fleet.

SGI Technical Services provides worldwide coverage, with aircraft records and physical specialists based on every continent. SGI successfully performed over 60 aircraft and engine inspections last year, including redelivering more than 40 aircraft and engines. SGI’s Technical Services team is headed by Rene Oostveen.


For more information, please contact us at info@sgiaviation.com.

SGI’s Jasper van den Boogaard qualifies as ISTAT Certified Appraiser

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016


SGI Aviation is proud to announce that Jasper van den Boogaard has obtained the qualification of ISTAT Certified Appraiser. With this qualification on board, the company solidifies its position as leading all-round service provider to the aviation industry.

Paolo Lironi, CEO of SGI: “This is a very important achievement for Jasper personally as well as for SGI. To date, there are only 59 ISTAT Certified Appraisers in the world. Our affiliation to ISTAT through Jasper’s exclusive qualification reaffirms our commitment to delivering only the highest quality of service. It also serves to highlight our well-rounded expertise.”

Jasper van den Boogaard: “The value of this qualification is really maximized within the context of SGI, where we have lots of technical expertise. This combination of airframe, engine and lease-contractual expertise allows us to offer one of the most comprehensive acquisition cash flow analyses and lease-encumbered value appraisals. This type of appraisal outlines all of the lease-contractual and technical cash flows for a forecasted period, as well as listing end-of-lease and part-out considerations, providing the client with a complete and transparent overview of the value of each aircraft. This service is already quite popular with our clients – in 2016 we provided over 300 acquisition cash flow forecasts.”


For more information, please contact:

Jasper van den Boogaard


Mobile: +31 6 5073 6 007




The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) is a non-profit organization which develops international standards to govern practices and procedures in the commercial aviation industry. With over 4,100 members worldwide, it is the premier industry association providing forums to facilitate networking and professional development within the aviation community.


About SGI Aviation

SGI Aviation is an independent advisor to the aviation industry, providing technical consulting and advisory services in the areas of aircraft and engine asset management and safety regulations. Its service offering covers the entire lifecycle of an aviation asset, as well as related regulatory, operational and IT needs.

SGI Aviation is supporting Orbis

Monday, November 21st, 2016


SGI Aviation is supporting Orbis by sponsering their Charity Gala event

We are supporting Orbis in their goal of working towards “A World Free of Avoidable Blindness”.

The event will take place next month in Singapore, for the launch of The Flying Eye Hospital.

For more information on the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital and Orbis generally, please visit :


SGI Partners with FlyFunder

Friday, September 30th, 2016


SGI is proud to announce its new partnership with FlyFunder.

FlyFunder was launched in September 2016 and aims to facilitate general aviation transactions by providing a unique marketplace where those seeking financing for their aircraft can be matched with financiers. SGI has partnered with FlyFunder as one of the first service providers to be operating on the FlyFunder website adding technical value through SGI Aviation Services B.V., and registration services value through the 2-REG. In the process of announcing a deal, parties are able to contact SGI and/or the 2REG for related services, such as pre-purchase inspections, appraisals, and aircraft registration.

FlyFunder fills a communication and connection void between specialist aviation financiers, the buyers of aircraft, the manufacturers who are often reliant on financing to make their sale, and sales agents who want to sell their aircraft. SGI is delighted to see that deals of around $60M have already been announced on FlyFunder, and believe that this ground-breaking concept will revolutionise general aviation transactions.

To find out more about FlyFunder, click on the link below.


IS-BAO audits

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016


SGI is proud to announce that it can now perform IS-BAO audits


About IS-BAO

The IS-BAO – An International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations was developed by the business aviation and international helicopter communities for the benefit of those communities. The purpose is to promote global standardization and to assist operators in establishing quality flight operations using best practices of business aircraft and of commercial and non-commercial helicopter operations world-wide.

The primary purpose of the standard is to promote the harmonization of quality operating practices for business aircraft and helicopter operations on the international level. It constitutes “base line” requirements which operators should apply in structuring and staffing their organization and planning and conducting their operations.

The IS-BAO has been developed with the generally accepted principles of other international standards systems in mind. It also has been designed to be compatible with operator certification and a range of quality systems. The IS-BAO safety management systems (SMS) standards are consistent with the ICAO SMS Framework.

Implementation of IS-BAO by operators may also serve to satisfy certain national regulatory requirements applied by States and their civil aviation authorities (CAAs) and is an accepted industry standard for the EASA  non-commercial operations with complex motor-powered aircraft (NCC). Operators remain responsible for ensuring that all applicable national requirements are met.

SGI has IS-BAO accredited inspectors who can assess your operations in accordance with IS-BAO requirements. Upon satisfactory review, a certificate of registration can be issued by IBAC to show compliance to the standards. Please contact us at info@sgiaviation.com to openly discuss how we can assist in bringing your company up to higher standards.